Anchors in FontForge

It has been a tough couple of weeks trying to build accented characters for the extended Latin character set using anchors on FontForge. Redrawing the accents to harmonize better with the letters they attach to as well as with each other has been relatively easy. When I’ll finish work on this bug, the extended Latin characters will have different accents for the lowercase and uppercase letters, designed to work well with their respective weights and space above them.

Extended Latin
The difficult and yet unresolved problem is how to get FontForge to use the correct accents to build accented glyphs. Despite showing the correct set of components that it should use to build these glyphs in the Glyph Info panel, FontForge continues to not use the combining accents in several cases. Correcting all the glyph names to match the Adobe Glyph LIst has not helped at all. Dave was afraid I was using a very old version of FontForge and that might be the problem, but that’s not it either. At this point, I’m really not sure what the issue is or could possibly be.

Unfortunately, this roadblock has taken me off schedule—taking much more time than I had anticipated it would (even delaying a blog post here!). I’m attending GUADEC at Brno this week and Jakub has organized a hackfest for Cantarell on Monday. Hopefully, we will be able to figure out this problem then.

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